5G Telecommunications Infrastructure

5G technology is the 5th newest generation of cellular technology, it was created to increase the speed and to connect everyone together including, objects and machines. It is predicted that in 2025 there will be 1.7 billion 5G subscribers worldwide, cellular phone companies began deploying 5G in 2019 and its going to grow year by year.

5G is a new radio technology, all 5G wireless devices are connected through a telephone and radio network by radio waves which is then connected through a local antenna in a cell, the new 5G infrastructure will allow greater download speeds for mobile users and a greater bandwidth-meaning the more bandwidth data has, the more data it is able to send and receive at one time.

The main question asked about 5G is: Why do we need it? And to answer that question is simply that we are becoming more of a digital world day by day with the population vastly using mobiles throughout their day to day lives, because of this we are therefore consuming more data every year. With the launches of more and more video and music streaming services we are seeing that these spectrum bands are becoming more congested due to people streaming video and music more regularly. This is where 5G comes into play as it will be able to handle thousands of devices using mobile services and streaming services.

The 5G network infrastructure is made up of Macro and Small cell-based stations. Macro cells are traditional cell towers that cover a wide area, the Macro cell is a cell in a mobile phone network that provides radio coverage that is served by a high cellular power-based station. A Small cell-based station is a low powered radio frequency station that is operator powered, compared to a Macro cell they are small because they have a shorter range.

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