5G has expanded rapidly since 2019, now we are in 2020 5G has been launched and it continues to expand daily. In this blog we have included information on 5G and why it is becoming the next generation of mobile connectivity.

What is 5G?

5G is the next generation of mobile internet connection, it offers faster data download and upload speeds, it is said that 5G will ‘connect everyone and everything’. 5G is designed to offer connections that are multitudes faster than 3G and 4G. Technologies within the 5G network are continuously being designed to expand the network capacity largely so cars, appliances, medical devices, and cities can all be connected.

How does 5G work?

5G is a new radio technology that works by using a system of cell sites that will then divide their territory into sectors which will send encoded data throughout radio waves. Small cells are a major feature of the 5G network particular at the new millimetre wave frequencies where a connection range is very short.

In 2019 EE was the first UK carrier to begin the launch of the new 5G network by switching it on in six cities by the end of May 2019, but by the end of 2019 it rapidly expanded to 50 towns and cities. Now in October 2020 5G coverage has been rolled out to 112 towns and cities making it more accessible day by day, we need 5G because as the world is becoming more mobile day-to-day, we are consuming data more than ever each year. Social media and downloading music/videos have become more and more popular as we are on the go, we prefer to watch or listen to things as we are going about our daily life, because of this a lot of previous and existing data platforms are becoming congested which is leading to a lot of service failure. Here 5G is built to handle thousands of devices simultaneously to avoid service break downs, 5G will also offer 20 times faster browsing and download rates compared to previous spectrum bands.

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