EE Power Resilience Project : 15 September 2017

Nokia have engaged the Iris Team to assist in a mop up project for the EE Power Resilience Project. During the evolution of the EE network many of the Site Alarms were not mapped due to delays and synchronisation with other Darwin Activities. Iris field engineers were given full training on how this should be conducted, recorded with GNIC and Ericsson RAN SOG Teams and were then deployed to over 240 sites to Test and Re map accordingly. The engineers have had a long but enjoyable summer in the distant Highlands of Scotland and the Valleys of Wales visiting some of the most remote but spectacular views from sites in the EE portfolio.

During this process Nokia took the opportunity for Iris to complete self-auditing of their delivery to keep their activities and commitments in line with their own Global Quality Guidelines.

The long awaited Emerson EF2s scrips were issued recently which released the remaining sites for completion, to date just a handful of these need to be visited.