IRIS Rigging Training continues : 13 February 2020

IRIS Rigging Training continues

Following the hugely successful launch of our training division, 
our IRIS Service Delivery UK Engineers have continued their training 
recently with another day’s worth of intense instruction.
Our dedication to give our engineers the best training opportunities, 
ensures that our BTS upgrades and installations at height mean that we 
are well placed to deliver on time.
Take-a-look at our careers page to see what exciting posts we have available.
We have vacancies such as:
Build Manager - Location Flexible / Nationwide
Senior Project Coordinator - PAYE - Sheffield
Project Engineer PAYE - Huntingdon - Sheffield - Birmingham
Senior Project Manager - PAYE - Huntingdon - Sheffield - Birmingham
For BTS delivery, rigging and upgrades contact:
IRIS Service Delivery UK Limited Address:
Unit 10 Ramsay Court,
Hinchinbrook Business Park,
Huntingdon PE29 6FY
Phone: 01480 274189
IRIS Services Delivery UK Limited is an independent company delivering 
Telecommunications services across Mobile, Fixed and Optical Networks