Iris Training School : 17 April 2018

At Iris we believe in delivering telecommunications projects to the very highest standards. As such our in-house training and nurturing of staff is key to our success. Our own Iris training school prepares individuals for their new roles and keeps all personnel up to speed on the latest telecoms thinking and procedures. Highly qualified, well trained staff are the key to our delivery and project management. As such we are always looking for talented people to join our team. Are you looking for a new career in telecommunications or to advance your current one? Perhaps it is time to contact us today and join our industry leading training. 

(photo) A very proud day today, the IRIS delivery team leads all ready and prepared to conduct our first assessments of potential employees via the IRIS training school.


IRIS Services Delivery UK Limited is an independent company delivering Telecommunications services across Mobile, Fixed and Optical Networks.

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