BT selects Nokia analytics software for five-year deal to improve fixed access customer experiences

Nokia announced last week that it has expanded its partnership with BT with a five-year contract for its AVA Analytics software for fixed networks, which will provide AI and machine learning to help strengthen BT’s network monitoring and improve subscriber experience.

As a result of the deal, Nokia’s dashboard solution (“Homeview”) will be enhanced for BT’s call center agents to see the operator’s network in real-time, from individual subscribers to devices, so they can quickly fix access problems and in-home issues, as well as provide the best service possible.

Nokia’s AVA Analytics will help BT boost its net promoter scores (NPS) and improve operational efficiency through automated workflows and deep analytics. NPS measures how likely a customer is to recommend a service provider to someone else.

Nokia’s Home Device Manager and Service Management Platform, along with AVA Analytics, enables BT’s roughly 6,000 care agents to remotely manage over 10 million WiFi connections, with more than 100 million actions taken each day to optimise the home broadband experience for BT’s customers.

Hamdy Farid, Senior Vice President, Business Applications at Nokia, said: “Nokia AVA Fixed Network Insights is a critical component to helping operators improve network diagnosis and troubleshooting processes, while reducing unnecessary manual fixes. We are very pleased to be taking our partnership with BT to the next level with this agreement.”

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