Code of Conduct

A significant amount of IRIS’s value depends on the company’s trusted reputation. It is something we should never compromise – as we have all worked very hard to earn our reputation.

Our future is full of opportunities and risks, both of which we have to balance carefully as part of our business.

The new Code of Conduct sets clear expectations on our business conduct and provides useful guidance for the management of critical risk areas such as privacy, conflicts of interest, improper payments, environmental impacts and others.

Each day, we make decisions that influence our chances of success. The wrong choice – even if it is taken in the heat of the moment or made with the best of intentions – can have significant, long-term effects on our reputation.

The Code of Conduct cannot cover every possible situation, but it provides the basic legal guidelines and essential ethical behavioral standards that will help us make the right business decisions.

We need to be diligent and committed in reporting any concerns or violations of the Code of Conduct as soon as they arise – without exception. That means maintaining an environment in which we feel comfortable raising concerns about potential violations. We will not accept any negative actions against employees who raise legitimate compliance concerns in good faith.

Each of us has an obligation to our stakeholders to act in accordance with our Code of Conduct. If there are times when we are uncertain what to do, it is our duty to ask for guidance.

We must all make the Code of Conduct a vital part of our work and in everything we do at IRIS.

Andy Golby
Managing Director IRIS Service Delivery UK Limited

Our Vision

IRIS recognises that employees are its most important asset and their recruitment, engagement, development, participation, motivation and retention are crucial to the business’s success.




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