Corporate Social Responsibility

Human Rights
IRIS provides products and services that expand opportunities to communicate and contribute directly to the exercise of such fundamental rights as free expression and political participation.

IRIS is committed to the principles of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights and the United Nations’ Global Compact, and we expect our suppliers and business partners to share these values.

IRIS seeks to ensure that materials used in our products come from socially responsible sources. We do not tolerate, contribute to, or facilitate any activity that fuels conflict or violates human rights.

What Do I Need to Know?
IRIS conducts due diligence in the pre-sales process and follows international standards to help ensure that our products are used to enhance, and not infringe, human rights.

IRIS provides limited, core and UN mandated “lawful intercept” capabilities based on clear standards and on a transparent foundation in law. Operators are required in most countries to provide such capabilities to assist authorities in legitimate law enforcement.

IRIS also conducts due diligence on its suppliers and business partners to ensure that they share IRIS’s commitment to human rights.

IRIS complies with applicable laws and participates in industry initiatives to support human rights and to validate that the minerals and metals used in our products do not contribute to conflict.

Unlawful, exploitative or improper use of natural resources can expose IRIS to penalties or criminal prosecution.

What Do I Need To Watch Out For?
Be particularly sensitive when conducting business in countries where the rule of law is weak, or where the government is not a result of free and open democratic processes.

Requests for subscriber data beyond that which is provided in the normal course of business in cases where IRIS hosts the network.

Requests from operators in higher-risk countries for specific features such as location-based data, more detailed subscriber data on traffic or events, in addition to standard functionality.

Suppliers or contractors that appear to employ underage workers, or do not provide safe or healthy workplaces.

Use of minerals from conflict countries that are regulated by international authorities. IRIS tracks the origin of these metals in our products all the way to smelters in our supply chain.

Our Vision

IRIS recognises that employees are its most important asset and their recruitment, engagement, development, participation, motivation and retention are crucial to the business’s success.




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