Nokia Aims To Reduce Energy Costs For Telcos

Nokia has unveiled the latest iteration of its energy-saving software to help reduce power usage in telecoms networks.

While the sustainability aspect is important, the potential for telcos to lower their energy bills may be a more attractive feature in the short term. The AVA Energy efficiency software now includes advanced machine learning algorithms to reduce power usage in data centres, base stations, batteries, and air conditioning units used in telecoms networks. 

The new algorithms allow telcos to automatically shut down idle or unused equipment and remotely control hardware power, resulting in up to 30% power consumption reduction compared to the original software. The data is based on customer testing, and Nokia has over 50 completed or ongoing energy-saving projects with telecom operators worldwide. Recently, O2 Germany became the latest customer to use Nokia’s AVA for Energy SaaS solution.

Telcos identify efficient energy consumption as a strategic imperative for their businesses, “and they want tools that will meaningfully help meeting increased network customer demands while lowering energy consumption,” said Michela Venturelli, Senior Analyst, at Analysys Mason, in a quote shared by Nokia. “This latest Nokia AVA Energy efficiency solution is a solid contribution to those ends,” Venturelli said.

As network traffic grows and operators strive to meet strict emissions-reduction goals while managing costs, tools that enable more efficient energy consumption will remain critical. Consequently, we can anticipate more initiatives from Nokia and its competitors that promise to deliver substantial reductions in energy usage, as the year progresses.

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