Nokia Announced New SaaS Services That Target Network Energy Efficiency and Home Device Management

Nokia has announced two updated SaaS offerings that strengthen their energy efficiency efforts and optimise the management of home devices.

Using AI, Nokia AVA – Analytics Virtualisation and Automation – for Energy SaaS closely monitors network traffic patterns across multiple vendors so that connectivity resources are spared during periods of low usage.

By monitoring network traffic patterns and making adjustments in real time, this software tool can save two- to five-fold more energy than non AI systems that shut down resources on a schedule.

Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS also helps CSPs pinpoint anomalies and benchmark the energy efficiency of passive infrastructure, such as batteries, power supplies, and air conditioning units, that can contribute up to 50% of total energy use.

Nokia AVA for Energy SaaS, available today, is part of a broader commitment from Nokia to reduce emissions by 50 percent on a global scale between now and 2030, including its own operations, products in use, logistics, and suppliers for final assembly.

Managing home devices such as smart thermostats and connected refrigerators can be handled with Nokia Home Device Management SaaS, which is a vendor agnostic, automated, secure, and scalable device management platform.

With this new service, operators can remotely manage Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), such as residential gateways, 5G fixed wireless access devices, WiFi extenders, and IP set-top boxes. The service also provides ultra reliable, secure broadband connectivity to smart homes.

Nokia has a leading position in the home device management market, with over 150 million home devices globally that are managed by the company’s software solution. Similarly, in analytics,

Nokia is rated #1 by Appledore Consulting for market share in “AI Ops” and “Network Data Management.”

Michael Soper, Senior Analyst, at TBR, said:

“Nokia’s new SaaS offerings represent a significant change in the telecom market, as SaaS is the
acceleration engine for the telecom industry to realise the full potential of 5G and beyond.”

Hamdy Farid, Senior Vice President, Business Applications at Nokia, said:

“The convergence of cloud native software, hyperscaler collaboration, and 5G makes the business
case for SaaS very compelling. These latest Nokia SaaS services reflect the path Nokia is leading
to help our customers accelerate their time to value; reduce complexity; and automate the services
lifecycle through software consumed purely on demand.”

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