Nokia has added Liquid Cooling technology to its latest AirScale Base Station portfolio outlining its commitment to sustainability

Airscales are energy-efficient and can cut a mobile operator’s base station emissions by up to 80%, according to Nokia’s pilot projects.

The Airscale is a compact and energy-efficient base station that can support various radio access technologies. It is quieter than traditional air-cooling systems and is ideal for apartment buildings.

The Airscale can be powered by a liquid-cooled plug-in unit or a common external power supply. It can also support various radio access technologies, such as 2G and 5G.

Since liquid is more efficient at transferring heat than air, the waste heat from the base station can be reused or circulated.

Tommi Uitto, Nokia’s president of mobile networks said, “5G networks and technologies will play a critical role in making other industries more sustainable and we must all play our part to minimize our footprint and accelerate the use of green electricity,”

Nokia says it’s committed to decarbonising telecoms and helping other industries to follow its lead by digitising, which should make them less wasteful. It aims to cut its emissions by 50 per cent by 2030 across its value chain, including its operations, products in use, logistics, and final assembly supplier factories. Nokia has increased its share of renewable electricity and is committed to being totally green-powered by 2025. “There is no green without digital,” said Tommi Uitto.

At MWC22 Barcelona, Nokia will showcase how its products and services can reduce CO2 emissions and the cost of energy and help its customers to take control of their sustainability targets. Nokia will demonstrate its AirScale Radios with energy-efficient software features as well as its Liquid-cooled AirScale Baseband and Wavence microwave radio energy innovations.

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