The Evolution of Telecommunications

Telecommunication is communication at a distance that is used by electrical signals or by electromagnetic waves, telecommunication systems are telephone systems, radio broadcasting, computer systems or the internet. Telecommunication has evolved greatly over the past ten years as the only way we could communicate in the early ages was by talking face-to-face or by writing!

Telecommunications has evolved a lot over the past ten years due to the fact that today you can communicate with anyone all over the world within a second, all across the world we are downloading and streaming so the telecommunications sector in the present day has become a lot more accessible and immediate to accommodate the fast pace of the population downloading. Before we were able to access telecommunication right from our back pocket, we would be waiting for emails to be sent backwards and forwards for ages, whereas now you can get an answer within seconds due to the introduction of smart phones.

The first iPhone was first brought out in 2006/2007 and since then smart phones have evolved every single year from being able to unlock by scanning our faces and thumbprints, to being able to turn the lights on in the house when your out and even turning the kettle on! Instead of just using emails you are now able to use a variety of messaging platforms to be able to gain a response in seconds, the internet has changed also to fit in with the everchanging world, from now on you can video call people from all over the world at just the click of a button which is perfect if you are having to work at home due to the second lockdown

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